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Hypnobirthing & Yoga Teacher   Based in Glasgow

Hi! I'm so glad you stopped by! I'm Amanda and my mission is to spread calm & confidence to others, be that during pregnancy or for life! 

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I run hypnobirthing, antenatal classes and birth preparation workshops. Working as a midwife for 7 years gave me huge insight to understand the complex, sensitive nature of birth & I have the knowledge and compassion to help you on your journey. Pregnancy and birth are life events and they should be celebrated as such! Hypnobirthing is a complete course that gives you the tools to navigate this experience and find excitement for the adventure ahead. I am so passionate about reducing fears around birth and helping you reclaim your power and confidence in this chapter of your life. My sessions are light hearted and informative so you have fun while learning about the amazing-ness of birth! 

I also offer yoga classes to the non-pregnant population (but can adapt class to suit you if you attend when pregnant) as a way to bring movement, breathwork and relaxation together to find some calm amongst the chaos of modern life. I use yoga to help my mental and physical health and love the way I can connect with myself and others through this beautiful, spiritual practice. 

Keep scrolling to find details of my classes or drop me an email for more information or to organise a chat about how I can support you =)

Email for private sessions

Find me on social media: 
@ amandayoungyoga
@ mamanovauk

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Yoga Class Schedule

Monday : gentle flow : 12.30 to 13.15 : £7 drop in / £40 for 6 week pass : The Loft
Movement that links postures with the breath to ease stiffness and tension and increase mobility. Ending with some relaxation time

Sunday sessions : 90 minutes : different themes each month : The Loft
Some breathwork, flowing movement to ease stiffness, yin - holding poses for longer to find relaxation and release the body, ending with nidra or meditation script so you leave feeling calm and recharged. 

I also do some online sessions and have some availability for private sessions in Cambuslang/Rutherglen area

Keep up with what's on via my social media @amandayoungyoga on facebook and instagram or send me an email for more information 

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Private Hypnobirthing Course - Live online - Investment £250 per couple

This is a full birth preparation course that includes antenatal education as well as relaxation techniques to promote a positive birth experience and gives you the confidence to make informed decisions. Birth is a powerful and transformative experience and often modern systems and practices get in the way of allowing this to unfold. Hypnobirthing is a practice done during pregnancy that reconnects you to your body's ability and reaffirms this natural event. The beauty of this course is that it can be practiced and have benefits no matter what birth you have. It can be booked at any time during pregnancy, the sooner - the more time you will have to practice before the birth!

I like to work one on one with couples as it allows me to take the time to personalise the information for your situation and means the time of the course can be flexible to meet your needs.  

- 12 hours of teaching content via zoom
- Book & mp3 audio tracks
- Electronic notes
- affirmation cards
- 4 x birth colouring downloads to print
- Support from me after the course
- Access to private facebook group until birth to share research articles and extra information

Disclaimer - This is not a private midwifery service and I am not able to provide hands on care / specific advice but can give information or sign post to resources to support you 

I am happy to arrange a zoom call with you before you commit to the course to have a chat and give you a chance to get to know me before you sign up.

two couples feedback and birth stories for a hypnobirthing course

Pregnancy Relaxation Call

If you are looking for a bit of calm time, this hour is a lovely way to take some time to rest, connect with your breath and your bump and enjoy a lovely pregnancy meditation script. I like to think of relaxation scripts as a massage for the mind! 

£20 for private 60 minute relaxation call - email for an appointment

Relaxation can be a wonderful tool to use to increase your oxytocin, especially towards the end of pregnancy when nerves may be high and there may be pressure around induction. When fully relaxed, labour is more likely to begin naturally.

cartoon parents to be relaxing and cradling their bump

Antenatal Workshops - 2 hours

Positive Pregnancy
tools and tips to maintain calm mind and prepare for birth

Birth Works
how birth works! nature designed it to, and I will share whats actually going on during labour so you know what to expect

Postnatal Period
the part of the journey that is often forgotten but a significant time as you navigate parenthood, recovery and changes. Let me help prepare you for what to expect

the most natural thing in the world, but not the easiest! It is a skill that needs to be learned and supported so this workshop will help you learn all about your amazing body

Baby Cares
the baby's here but how the heck do we change its nappy... or give it a bath... or wrap it like a burrito ... a workshop to help you with some of the practical skills involved with looking after a newborn

These are delivered online and sometimes in person - check bookwhen for upcoming group dates or option to request private online workshop.

Private online workshop : £50 per couple - email to book

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Amanda Young

A wee bit about me

Mum to an amazing kid!
I have a "day job" working from home giving me the flexibility to do more of what I love!
In my free time I love hanging upside down at Alt Fitness, practicing yoga, trips to the park, splashing colour all over my house, getting crafty or stomping about the streets.

If you want to arrange a zoom chat to see if I am the right teacher for you just drop me an email - I'd love to meet you!

Follow me on instagram or facebook for all the latest goings ons

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I would love to hear from you! Your calm is just a click away

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